In the sunny hills of Provence, an ancient tradition persists, infusing the air with its delicate and captivating fragrance. This is the making of lavender wands, a practice inherited from past generations that binds the region to its rich cultural heritage.

At the heart of this tradition are the lavender fields that paint the Provençal landscape. These fields, iconic symbols of the region, are hand-harvested to preserve the flowers intact.

The process of creating lavender wands begins when fresh stems are gathered and precisely woven with ribbons around the flowers. It’s a meticulous art, passed down from generation to generation, where skilled hands of artisans craft these fragrant and delicate objects.

The use of lavender wands is as varied as the creativity of those who possess them. Traditionally used to scent linens in wardrobes, they adorned the trousseau of newlyweds as a symbol of love and happiness. Placed in vases, baskets, or on furniture, they now serve as beautiful decorative objects to perfume your interiors.

Lavender wands thus embody a tradition that goes beyond mere craftsmanship. They are guardians of history, bearers of enchanting aromas, and heirs to a craftsmanship passed down with love. In each wand, the beauty and authenticity of Provence endure, offering those who discover them a glimpse into this region steeped in tradition and passion.